Serious Performance Issues!

I started using discourse over a month from now, I used a very old engine I built my self for my content … then decided to migrate everything to discourse and it went very smooth … I loved it …

Google crawlers found my website instantly and so far it indexed more than 150 thousands pages … almost 90% of my content … I even ranked very well on search results, yet I’m getting a suspicious low clicks … !!!

In google search console (core web vitals) all my links were marked as poor links … with an average response 8 seconds … and that frustrated me a lot !! I know that the page rendered for google crawler is javascript free as I noticed, unlike the page rendered for real user … I got 97% performance rate … Yet, in (core web vitlas) … they marked as poor with 8 seconds response time … I’m puzzled why !

Sometimes, when I use the system surfing pages, some pages take seconds (4-5) seconds to render and it happen randomly …

I configured my nginx for optimal performance, I have a 8 cores machine with 32G Ram, puma is configured with 6 workers and 8,16 threads … postgres is also configured for optimal machine limits … and the load barely exceeds 0.5 (when using htop) … yet randomly some pages take 4-5 seconds even more to load … :frowning:

You might want to consider switching to the official install method.


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