Set a banner for Uncategorized and /categories

Is it possible to set a banner for the uncategorized category?
Is it possible to set a banner for the categories page?

I want there to be a banner on these pages that displays a description (like the others do).

Any info on how to do that would be a huge help.


It isn’t currently possible… but those seem like good reasonable requests… it will take some extra work because

  1. The Uncategorized description is stored differently, because it’s not a “real” category

  2. I’d have to add the ability to pull in a description from somewhere else for the Categories page, because it doesn’t have a description or anywhere to store one

I can look more closely at adding these options at some point (not sure when, unfortunately)… you’ll just have to keep an eye on this topic for updates.


My recommendation would be to turn off uncategorized and create a real category.

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What im aiming for is a banner on every page, not just categories. It looks rather strange from a design point of view to have it only appear on some screens. Just the title of the page would be enough - no need for a description if there isn’t one.

I guess the only way to do this would be to clone the component and set it up to run on all pages?

Oh right, that’s a bit different… so you’d also want topics to have titles in the same banner style too?


I didn’t consider that, but actually that would look quite nice from a theming point of view. I’m looking at it from the end users point of view - they probably don’t know the difference between a category, topic, home page etc…

My goal is to create a consistent UX. I set the banner to be transparent and use the background as the banner itself… In future I’m looking to change the page background as a way to define the category instead.

Here’s what it currently looks like (and how I ideally want every page to look) :slight_smile:

Without a banner for every page though, it looks inconsistent with the main overflow moved up the page (actually off the screen which is how the default discourse theme does it which I don’t want).