Set default homepage to Categories

Hi there,

I would like to set the Home Page of my Discourse instance to the ‘Categories’ tab, instead of the ‘Latest’ tab.

I have found some previous topics about allowing users to set their own default category, but haven’t been able to find any advice about how to amend the default home page.

Can anybody help?

Thanks alot.


The simplest thing to do is re-run the wizard eg, You can choose what to use by default for your homepage.


Thanks for this tip, Daniela.

However, I do not seem to be able to click through to the Home Page section of the wizard.

On Step 3 (Introduction - Welcome Topic), the box is blank and will not allow me to continue unless I populate it.

Where on my forum does this text relate to? We have a pinned ‘Welcome’ post so I do not know why this box is blank.


Are you on the latest version? I’m pretty sure that we already fixed this problem. Try to add a simple dot and continue the wizard. After you can control the welcome topic and delete the dot at the beginning of the topic