Set up Let’s Encrypt with multiple domains / redirects

You also changed the host name? Did you Change the domain name or rename your Discourse?

Unsolicited advice: Best Practice seems to be to go with the www rather than the apex domain. The browsers I use make it almost impossible to tell that the www is there.

My only guess is that the trailing space inside the quotes is significant and you don’t have it?

I think I’d go into the container and poke around and try to run acme the way that it does and see what happens; I can never remember how to do that or where to look for the acme commad; I have to figure it out every time, so I can’t tell you. You might be able to see from docker logs web_only.

I swear this worked whenever it was that I last edited this. I did just check the site that I applied it to and it does seem to have its extra valid cert working. But it’s conceivable that it’s got a different base image than exists now and it’ll get broken at the next rebuild.

I’ll try to check this out again when I get a chance, Maybe next week.

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