Set up Telegram notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

I’ve set it up, and it works with bot itself. However, when I set it up for public channel and try to test, an error “422 No Reason Phrase” occurs.
Could someone help me out?

Where does this error occur? In telegram, or in the “test” dialog in the Discourse admin panel?

Hi! I don’t see any submenu in the admin panel to manage Telegram settings

But i got my chat ID through the bot.

Can you tell me what different Telegram notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin and Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications)

Check the very top of this topic: Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications) (the part with the :warning: next to it)


Whenever ppl reply the telegram bot message, it keeps informing the current chat id, telling ppl to configure something different on the admin panel.

I have the actual msg in portuguese:

Este chat está configurado WTTD Fórum. Configure-o no painel de administração. (ID do bate-papo:-1001093143218)

Google translated:

This chat is configured WTTD Forum. Configure it in the administration panel. (Chat ID: -1001093143218)

It’s quite annoying.

Also I’ve disabled chat integration telegram enable slash commands however still replies the command list.

Is there a way to make the bot ignore any reply?

where can we Add the channel in discourse? we don’t find nothing… caht bot is active and we get also the Chat-ID, thanks in advance

After enabling the telegram site settings, head to your admin panel, click “plugins” at the top, then “chat integration” on the left.


Hello, i don’t know is it ok right now, but after setting up bot in admin and adding bot to channel nothing happened.

Did you try using the “test channel” button. Did you get any errors?

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test channel button works, but i expect ‘welcome’ message like in guide.

I’m not sure which guide you are talking about. The chat-integration plugin doesn’t send a welcome message.

Once you have configured the channel, you need to add some “rules”. Then, topics/posts you make on your discourse forum will appear in Telegram.

I’m talking about this instruction.

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Ah, I see. Try sending a message in the group, including the bot’s username (like @myforumbot). Then it should respond with that message.


I’ve configured everything successfully, except that whenever a new member leaves/adds into the telegram group which has the ‘chat integration bot’ as one of this groups member, I receive this msg in the telegram group:

New rule: /[watch|follow|mute] [category] [tag:name]
(you must specify a rule type and at least one category or tag)

  • watch – notify this channel for new topics and new replies
  • follow – notify this channel for new topics
  • mute – block notifications to this channel

Remove rule: /remove [rule number]
([rule number] can be found by running /status)

List rules: /status

Help: /help

This msg has started irritating every time a member is added or removed into/from the telegram group.
And if I create a telegram broadcast/channel and add the chat integration bot into that, this problem doesn’t arise therein.

Solved: Exited the chat bot from that telegram group. And understood that if I wanted the bot to be the part of that group, then that group’s chat ID need to have a channel and a channel rule under itself.

The Telegram integration works very well for channels but it’s unsuitable for groups-- it will spam its operation instructions every time a chat “event” happens (like someone joining or leaving the chat, or a message getting pinned). Even if you disable the slash commands entirely. Is there a way to get the bot to not respond to these events?

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Do you have group_privacy disabled?


I tried that setting too and saw that it becomes every message as you say. Even with group_privacy enabled bots can still see these join/leave/pin events.