Setting the user title(group?) based on the information that is coming from the sso payload

Sorry about the title, if it’s unclear for the folks here. I am relatively new to whole Discourse system and I couldn’t wrap my head around with all these new terminologies.

I managed to setup SSO with my external site. What I am trying to achieve right now is to assign titles to the users automatically based on the different user types that are exist in my external website.
Here, in this topic, it’s, I guess, explained, but I couldn’t understand what is implied here by group membership with SSO.

Let’s say there are four different user types in my external website, and in my forum website I want them to be grouped with the same grouping system automatically. For example, in this forum there are some user titles like team,regular etc. Do I need to create a new custom field, or do I need to create groups or indicate within the incoming SSO link to forum?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Just see that sso passes the groups. There is a group setting that will allow them to be “primary” groups, which get displayed next to the username. See also “flair” which will give them a little icon in their avatar.


Thanks for the reply, but I couldn’t find the “primary” or “flair” options.

Perhaps they are hidden behind some tabs? I found them on my phone. This is under manage /interaction

 Automatically set as primary group

Flair is under profile.

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Thanks a lot, I figured it out.

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Since I just went down this same road, to help a future new person who may be puzzled for a moment…

Inside the User --> Group settings, within a chosen group, under Membership, there is a checkbox for ‘Automatically set as primary group’. Presumably only one group can have this attribute set, but I have not tested that detail…