Setting up discourse locally

Hey everyone,

I saw this project via github. I want to contribute to the discourse forum. Please let me know how can i setup it locally and how i can start.
I have an experience on ruby. I’m not able to setup. I installed everything from bundle but still.

Can anyone guide me and share some docs regarding contributing to discourse.


I’m glad you’re interesting in contributing! Take a look at Discourse Development Contribution Guidelines, which also has some links to #dev-install instructions for various operating systems.

If you’re running into a specific error searching this community can help, and if you can’t find the answer be sure to include all the relevant details when you start a new topic.


Thanks @awesomerobot . Will surely look into it and try to get it set on my mac.

@awesomerobot I got this error while registering

I got this screen after setting up everything on ubuntu. But in the above link that you have shared it should be forum homepage

I got this screen

Now I use the command to create a admin which is given in the same link. Now it says - run ember-cli and use some localhost4200 to see discourse.

Am I missing something ?

After running the ember js for the frontend. It’ll works now. Please add these ember-cli instruction in the above links or I’ll add those thing by myself and raise a PR

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