Discourse installation for beginners but are willing to be part of the community

Hello to all,

I am really eager to know if there is a comprehensive step by step guide available for discourse installation possibly with illustrations, including email and domain setup for beginners and, who have somewhat basic knowledge of command line?
Google and youtube instructions seems to be outdated and not 100% complete, so far in my search of it!
Any contribution from an expert would be highly appreciated and it helps in the growth of discourse community vastly, there are a lot of people out there who are impressed with the overview but still struggling to find accurate instructions.


This is the official guide. They don’t lie about it taking less than 30 mins.


I have gone through it, the email configuration and domain setup part is bit abbreviated, it would have been much appreciated if it had been there with more pictorial illustration especially for the email and domain setup part!

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Each email provider offers its own instructions. That’s why there are no instructions for them here. If you would like step by step instructions for getting email configured, I’ll configure mailgun and see that you get it right for $150 Discourse “Lite” Install – Literate Computing, LLC see Discourse Self-Hosting FAQ – Literate Computing, LLC for more details.

What to do when it ask for lets encrypt email address?
What is that about?

Put your email address (though any address will work). Doing so will generate a free https certificate for your site.

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Thanks for kind response, one more issue I am facing with installation:
Following this https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md
When I enter this command ```
wget -qO- https://get.docker.com/ | sh
Character “|” becomes “>” in Digital Ocean console!
Any suggestion how two correctly input “|” there?

Just skip it. Discourse -setup will do it automatically.

You mean I can skip the red outlined part command and directly go to green outlined part?

Aside from what Jay is saying, you really shouldn’t be doing anything significant via the console; SSH into the system instead. That will also make it much easier to, e.g., paste in account credentials from mailgun.


The instructions given here https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md seems to be inaccurate, every time I tried them I end up with a error or another!
Any help will be highly appreciable.

Hello @Earlie, I was facing the same problem using the console of DigitalOcean but yet there was no significant solution of this problem. Anyway, I would suggest you to install Discourse through PuTTY. Vertical bar “|” and small then sign “<” problem resolves there. Find some tutorial on youtube to use PuTTY. Its easier then using console on DigitalOcean.
Checkout my same question here, How to install Discourse on $5 Droplet on DigitalOcean

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I get it right now, but another issue is there so no documentation available anywhere here on youtube or anywhere else with complete, updated and accurate instructions, some command work and some end up with error!

That is the issue, I agree with you dear. The only solution I suggest you at the moment is to go with Trial & Error method.

I agree it requires some technical inclination. The thing is, the instructions are for mac/ubuntu but it seems like you are running a windows system which wasn’t clear from the OP.

We assumed you know what ssh is.

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No I disagree. Its a simple set of steps if you know some basic linux shell commands. Otherwise, you could get it set up by a professional by posting your requirements on marketplace or @pfaffman could help you out with it for a fee.

yes I do know.
Point is I do not know it deep, but fair enough to execute given commands.
Still I would say, there should be bit more comprehensive and accurate documentation on this topic, far better if with illustrations.

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Agreed the only option for people with mediocre knowledge of it all like me.

Also the point is, I already had a running instance which was a paid install.
But this changing every now and then, to cope up with changes some time we want to do it on our own, so want to learn it.

So why don’t you pay someone to create those super detailed instructions? OR when you are finally done installing this amazing FREE software, give back by improving the documentation to your standards?

One point to note here is that parts of this stuff is complicated and a general prior knowledge of at least Linux command line is useful as @fzngagan suggests.

Another is there are several blocks of things. The Discourse team doesn’t look after email services, DNS or Amazon buckets, for example.

All that said, if you want to go ahead, be patient and if you ask very specific questions you can almost always get help from the community but you will need to be patient.

Finally: search is your friend.