Settings revert back on their own

It has been modified from bitnami somewhat too. But i am still using their paths as i did copy some code snippets from them early on. ine is made vanilla though im not using the bitnami base image.

BTW the ultimate goal of all this is to get a vanilla set of up to date containers that can run on kubernetes, ECS, and docker-compose to enable docker-standards as a whole. Even our CI (which works within a container) doesnt play well with the standard install sadly.

Also i just reached my maximum number of replies apparently. I wont be able to continue this conversation for 13 hours now I guess :frowning:

You’re straying a long long way from the scope of the free support we provide here. This is pretty clearly an #unsupported-install

The assumption is that if you use something other than the standard install, or opt to use a third party package, that you assume all of the added complexity it creates.

I would suggest opening a topic in the #marketplace offering a budget to have a consultant take a look. #support is best-effort support for people using the standard install, if your employer won’t allow you to deploy Discourse in this way hopefully they will allow you to engage with someone who is willing to build something which suits your environment. Even then it’s going to be very hard for us to help you in the future.

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I’ve just been hired to do a kubernetes deployment for someone. I think I’ve got all the pieces figured out…

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The problem was fixed, thanks for everyones time. I want to provide the solution here if anyone else is having the same problem.

I ultimately filed a report over at bitnami. Even though my fork isnt pure Bitnami (I customized it) they were actually very willing to help. They did a great job, quick response, and got everything working perfectly for me. I cant thank them enough for the excellent support they give. Below is the link to the thread over there along with the final solution.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this thread.


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