Some settings aren't saving


I searched the forum but I couldn’t find an answer to help me solve an issue with my freshly installed Discourse instance (with the DigitalOcean image).

So basically, the problem is that some settings in Customize aren’t properly saved (the green confirmation button works, but the changes aren’t saved). I looked this topic, but I don’t use Cloudflare. And the issue only happens for some settings.

I did some testing, apparently only settings with a textarea aren’t saved. Others are properly saved.

Any idea what could cause this odd issue?



Hi Olivier,
Note that the Digital Ocean one-click install isn’t supported here and we always advise following the standard install. :slight_smile:

Can you provide one or several examples of settings names that won’t be saved?

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My guess would be some browser extension.

Sure! Here is an example:

Another example:

None of the two text fields save when I update them.

I tried to modify these fields in Edge, Safari and in DiscourseHub, it always fails. As I tried in different browser, I don’t think it’s related to a browser extension (as @pfaffman suggested).


Also, I had no idea only one install type was officially supported. Is it easy/possible to reinstall my instance following the official install guide and not losing the work I already done with it? I have a bunch of plugins and already some content I would prefer not to lose.


I can repro the issue in two other components. It’s the same as Translation fields not working - #2 by Canapin.

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If you know how to edit app.yml to change plugins and rebuild, the biggest problems with the DO installation are resolved. It’s pretty close to the standard install except it skips discourse-setup.

When you have cause to move to a new droplet, then you can do a standard install and move as described in Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server.

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I have a test instance that is set in English. Updating these fields in the test instance works, which adds more credence to the hypothesis that something with translation is buggy.

Thanks for the pointer, it seems to be quite easy!

Looks like you were affected by this bug: Translation fields not working

If you update Discourse it should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know.


I have updated Discourse, can confirm the bug is gone. Thanks for the terrific work!


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