Share a webpage link in mobile app?

Before announcing mobile application for our customers I’ve performed some tests. I found that sharing a webpage URL :mega: using app is a tricky action. Native browser has a share button, the application does not. Every time first I have to open the page in browser then share.

This button is must have option: sharethis-logo_318-50326-32

Is this on Android or iOS?

The share button (just right of the like) uses the native share on Android:

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This is on Android. I still cannot see share button… Only ‘Open in browser’ option there. Sorry for Russian screenshot.

Sorry, I was not clear. I understand the purpose of the button near like. I have a slightly another case:

  1. Open this link. The post has an external link. Users wait for this link, it redirects to documentation source.
  2. I follow the link in the post, and it is opened in the same mobile application. Then I cannot share the current page URL.
    That’s my case.

So your use case is for non-discourse webpages, that doesn’t have a share UI.

Should be enough to add:


between line 72 and 73 here:

What do you think @joffreyjaffeux ?