Share link is not a text box on touch devices

On both and here, when I click the “share link” button I get a rendered link rather than the text box I’m used to. This is surprising because it requires a right click on the link in order to copy it. Was this intentional?

Screenshot from 2020-01-03 11-06-16


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Hmm, I see a textbox here on Meta. What browser and OS are you using?


Oops, sorry for forgetting that. I’m on Ubuntu Eoan, using Chrome 79.0.3945.88.

I’ve also reproduced this in a totally clean Chrome profile with

google-chrome --user-data-dir=`mktemp -d`

Interesting. My test above was Chrome on Windows 10. I’m have 18.04.3 LTS in a VM, just installed Chrome stable, still no repro. Let me spin up an Ubuntu 19.10 VM to see if I can repro it there…

Works fine for me on latest Chrome on Ubuntu Eoan.

There must be something else in play here. Any specifics you can share? Does it also happen when you are logged off ?

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Hello Falco
This is happening on all discourse sites I am on. (also when logged off) I am on Chrome.

For the record, my Windows testing was logged in. My Ubuntu testing was logged out (anon).

@jsha What you see (lack of text box) is how we render it on mobile. Are you somehow in a very narrow window?

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Nope! Here’s a screenshot of the full width of my window:

Window.outerWidth is 1920.

There’s nothing else unusual I can think of. I thought it might be uBlock, but a clean profile didn’t repro.

Same thing happens when logged off.

This is because you are using a touchscreen device. Try on a device without a touchscreen.


Oh, interesting! I don’t have a different device to hand at the moment, but I can confirm this laptop has a touchscreen, and I probably hadn’t copied a link since I moved to this laptop from an old one that doesn’t have a touchscreen.


Works fine on the stable version of Chromium Microsoft Edge.

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