What happened to the invite links?

Have invites been turned off here or can I not see them for some reason? I sometimes see topics that I want to bring to client’s attention (but apparently not often enough that I remember exactly where it was?)

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Try the :link: Share button - you should find a tab there for invites

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Is it by design that it doesn’t work on Mobile?

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Hmm, I believe that the “topic level” share button should open the new share/invite modal. Only the post-level :link: should open the native OS share window. Which button were you using there @itsbhanusharma?

cc @joffreyjaffeux


Invites have never been working on mobile.

But we have been discussing it yesterday and decided that with recent changes it should be possible.

So it will now show from topic footer mobile dropdown “share” action (basically same behavior than desktop, only the button is in the dropdown):

once https://github.com/discourse/discourse/pull/7080 is merged

Concerning other buttons:

Clicking on post-date will show this:

Clicking on post-action will show this:

unless you are on a mobile which support native web sharing, and it will show:


But earlier it used to trigger both, the share modal and native web sharing when tapped for a second time.

What will be the standard way of copying link to a post now that the old behaviour has been changed?

It was a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Also why don’t you use post-date link, it will show this:

Also you can long press on the post-date (at least on iOS) but I guess you can do something like this on android too:


Ah that works!

Good to know my share button now hides behind the post date. :sweat_smile:

This is long press on Android bdw.


Honnestly it’s weird your native share just doesn’t have “copy”, iOS does have it. ( well it doesn’t support web share… but the share panel when it works on other things has “copy”…)


That’s maybe because of MIUI (they really mess with native android a lot) I’ll test on my pixel if it makes any difference.

UPDATE: this is probably MIUI and their stupidity. It works fine in my LG v20 and Pixel, Both have a copy to clipboard button


Are you sure the new UX for invite links is working? At P.S.: we’re not able to send invites or copy invite link anymore… (Changed the email below to protect user’s privacy, but the result is the same.)


BTW, the small “share” button at post level does not show the “send invite” and that’s pretty disturbing.

Everything is working in my testing on meta, just now. Can you clarify exactly what isn’t working here for you?

  1. The “Send Invite” button should be clickable but is not
  2. The “Copy Invite Link” button is active but clicking it does not copy the URL.

(using Firefox 60.4.0esr (64-bit))

Seems working for me. Tested on chrome and firefox.

Can you try safe-mode first please? So we can get this out of the way before I dig too much.

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Same with safe-mode with Firefox 60.4. Let me try another browser/OS… Ha, it’s using the same version, and also fails in safe mode.

Now here’s a more precise description:

  1. it works with existing usernames.
  2. the “send invite” button becomes active as you type, but becomes disabled at the first . after the @: so if you type foo@example it’s still active, but when you reach foo@example. it becomes inactive and remains inactive.
  3. the “copy link” button remains active but does not copy the link

Ok I will dig, it’s possible there’s a bug somewhere. Probably with some specific case, I don’t reproduce any of this.

I just tested on Chromium… Same failure. Here are screenshots (my earlier description was off one byte: it’s after the period that the button is disabled.)




Another detail that can count @joffreyjaffeux: on Chromium, if I add a group the “copy link” button is activated and works (still in safe mode):


I just came to this thread because I also couldn’t find the Invite button anymore. I had actually clicked the new “Share” button, but had not noticed that it now included the invite functionality.

I personally think this is because it is not clear at all, that the “Send an Invite” is a button / tab. It’s just a black text on a white background, so I would have never thought about clicking it and actually failed to notice it at all. It seems like just some flavor text.

Yup, sorry to have hijacked this topic. I guess the bug should be merged out of here, since the UX discussion still has some bright days in front of it. :wink:

Can you tell me few things:

  • whats the status of your user on this forum? moderator?admin?regular user?
  • what is your Trust level?
  • is it a public or private topic?

Did you try on different topics? Can you repro on different forums ?