Shield icon cut off for long usernames

When you have a long username, or in this case a long name, the moderator shield icon gets cut off as seen here(Sorry for cutting part of your head jomaxro) I see this both in chrome and safari:

This only appears when viewing a user’s usercard. For example, let’s test @jomaxro’s. If you click on his username, you should probably see the cut off shield icon.

I tried changing the width of the icon to around 76% and fixed it, but that results in a slightly shifted shield.


Chrome, 125% zoom: nothing is deleted:

It’s cropped on my side as well.

What browser? How much zoom to you have? If using Zoom why no use large fonts instead?

I’m currently using Chrome Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit). Mine’s at normal 100% zoom.

I am not using any zoom in the browser. The zoom it at 100% only. I am using Google Chrome 72.036… version official build.

Yeah we have a repro of the issue it is on @Johani’s list.


This will be fixed via

Thanks for reporting the issue @Chaboi_3000 :+1:


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