Usernames truncated, ellipsis shown

I noticed as of today a change to where the username is no longer displayed fully, but truncated and ellipsis are shown. Depending whether I look on mobile or in the browser (both latest FF) only 1 to 3 characters are displayed.

I also looked whether some other admin changed some styles or anything, but that does not seem the case.

Here is an example of how this looks (this on FF 61):


This is taken from a post within a topic, where the browser was fullscreen (plenty of space for username)

Edit: If I switch off the width: 65px; in CSS class .topic-meta-data, then the display is as expected.

Ah yeah, there was a recent change:

Looks like you found the conflicting line in your custom CSS :+1:


Thank you @tshenry!

I just now found the customizations. They were a bit hidden. At first glance it seemed we wer just using the Default theme. Don’t know if they were created by Discourse, or by one of our admins at the time of forum creation.

But I will get rid of that width clause. Thanks again!


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