Shortcode for Comments

I know there is a Discourse block for the comments, but is there a shortcode as well? If so, could you let me know where I can find the shortcode’s parameters? Thank you!

Hey @TEKFused, there is currently a separate plugin for WP Discourse shortcodes.

It’s on my overall agenda to merge this into the main WP Discourse plugin. However there isn’t a Comments shortcode that works in the way you’re anticipating.

Can I ask is there a reason you prefer shortcodes over the new block? In general Wordpress is moving away from shortcodes to blocks.

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Angus, thank you! I’ll check out that plugin! Is there is a way to use one of those shortcodes to display a specific topic by using its URL?

The reason for my request is I’m using a page builder that doesn’t support blocks. The other issue is that I’m using a LMS that has a lecture description field which also doesn’t support blocks.

Hopefully that makes sense, thank you!


Hey Jake,

No there isn’t a shortcode for displaying the posts from a specific topic. I see from another topic that you’re using Beaver Builder. Have you tried using the reusable blocks module?

Hi Angus, I wasn’t aware of their reusable block module, thank you!

I’d love to see the Discourse shortcode plugin enhanced so that we could have a shortcode used to show a topic’s comments, and have a parameter for a post ID (the default behavior would be to show the current post’s Discourse comments).

Thank you again!