Shortcuts messing with canvas focus

I have added a webgl canvas on the top, the keyboard input works fine but I’m having a problem:
when the canvas is focused discourse still trigger the keyboard shortcuts.

It’s possible to disable all the shortcuts? Alternatively, there is something I can call from javascript to manage the focus correclty?

I have found a solution:

const KeyboardShortcuts = require("discourse/lib/keyboard-shortcuts").default;
const Mousetrap = require("mousetrap").default;

var shortcutsContainer;

function EnableShortcuts()
    if(shortcutsContainer == null)

    KeyboardShortcuts.init(Mousetrap, shortcutsContainer);

function DisableShortcuts()
    if(KeyboardShortcuts != null)
        shortcutsContainer = KeyboardShortcuts.container;
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