Shorter topic titles only for admins?

Is there a way to create posts with shorter titles only for admins?

I want to create a default site post with a title consisting of just 6 letters (as admin). However, I would like to maintain the standard minimum title length (currently 20 letters) for all other users.

One option is to temporarily reduce the min topic title length, post your topic, and then increase it again. You need to do this each time you edit the topic as well though.


Thank you for the workaround suggestion.

However, that approach is not practical in this case. I’ll have to reduce the setting each time I want to edit the post.

Typically, admins post threads with concise titles for important posts, similar to the “Terms of Service” (just an example, I’m aware there is a seperate page for that) or similar topics that require occasional updates. Having a lengthy title like “TOS terms of conditions I wrote this long tittle because I have no control over my own site” would indeed appear unprofessional. It would be more ideal for admins to have basic control to create a thread with a shorter and more concise title, such as simply “TOS.”

C’mon, what’s the use of being an admin if the admin also has to abide by the basic rules? :man_facepalming: Having control over most things is a basic necessity for an admin.

If I want to request this to be made available and added to the settings of official Discourse, which category should I post it in? Would it be the ‘feature’ request category?

That is correct!

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That was quite bad example. What would be an actual situation when length limitation of title will limit too much admin? Or is this just matter of princible?


I’m not quite sure if I’m following you. @Jagster feel free to elaborate,

However, there are numerous instances where short and distinct post titles are applicable, such as “Rules” or “Events,” which may require periodic updates.

Consider an example where an admin posts a title as “Events - This is an exhaustive list of events that everyone can refer to” instead of simply “Events.” If the admin wishes to provide a description, it can be included within the body of the post. Using a description as the title comes across as unprofessional and is generally not preferred.

What’s the big deal of not expanding the capabilities of admins and enabling them to create posts with shorter titles?

Why does Discourse have to dictate the format in which forum titles should be posted? It should be solely at the discretion of the site owner.

Yes you follow :wink: No one ever anywhere would use title like TOS terms of conditions I wrote this long tittle because I have no control over my own site instead of Terms of Service. So, your example was purely fictional, and not very good that way either. And it doesn’t underline your claim:

Events is another bad example. It could be name of a category or a tag, but if you like use such noninformative title you can use 6 digits limit. Or is your point that it is ok use short titles for admins, but it is not ok to let users see such one, nor use? Eh… why? You aren’t giving any solid and valid examples from real world.

That’s why I’m quite sure behind request/demand to build difficult and very confusing system is just principled and theoretical thinking.

It’s not a big deal, but we work to a rule of three generally. If something is requested by three or more people, we consider it. If it’s just one person making the request we don’t prioritise it because it’s a bit of a snowflake.

We don’t. :slight_smile: We work hard to put almost everything behind a setting so that site owners have flexibility. In this case you are aware of the simple workaround, so that’s likely your best route forward until this feature request is prioritised (if that happens).


Well let me chime in then…

Generally I support the idea of having longer meaningfull titles, rather than shorter ambigous ones…

However, as an admin/self-developer, i’ve seen enough examples, where a differenciated limit setting, would have been beneficial…

So much, that I’ve tried to create a plugin overriding/adding the admin/staff/user limit, only to be stopped by the server-side code, leaving me with a “This topic seems a bit unclear message”

My use case is category-configurable, where topics can have different title limits.

For instance concider categories containing topics such as Shops, Manufacturers, Books, Movies etc. The titles themselves can be as short as a single letter like “X” formerly known as Twitter (Now thats a long title :smile:)

In the example of a Shops/Manufacturers category i’ve semi-solved the urgent need by appending a :flag: to the end of the title. However this solution is not that user-friendly aesthetically pleasing if it where a book title.

Similarly it wouldn’t be a optimal solution to have the users prepend the titles like “Book - A howto guide of…”

Perhaps topics could be flagged for approval, if users deem the title to be accurate enough, despite it’s short title. This could also be category enabled, so as to not allow short titles where not appropriate (like PMs and general discussions)

Anyway, thanks to all the developers :technologist: and those giving carefull thoughts :thinking: on what and how to implement different features (if at all). The focus on stability and secuity is much :pray: appreciated.


Yes, thank you for the comprehensive reply.

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