Topic title truncated when adding a topic via link, because limit for oneboxes is applied instead of "max topic title length"

The same rule that is applied to onebox titles (max 80 chars) is applied to the Discourse topic title when creating a topic via a link.

I’m fine with the truncation for the generated onebox in the body, but why truncate the title for the topic on Discourse, which allows much longer titles by default, with the same 80 chars limit?

This leads to a lot of topics with awfully truncated titles, although max title length for topic titles is a lot higher (even by default Discourse) .

For the topic title, the max topic title length setting/limit should be considered/applied for title truncation, not the fixed 80 char one used for the rendered oneboxes in the body text IMHO.

There is a minor bug here, yes:

But… the user can work around it by typing whatever title you want. Long titles really are very bad anyway.

I am not against a PR to improve this, but I have a feeling it is going to be very very complicated.


Hi @Sam thanks for the answer. Well, agreed users can alter the title (but they don’t in 99% of the cases), and IMHO the title for the topic should adhere to the max topic title length setting, and not to the very short hard-set one used for the oneboxes. PR would be very welcomed.

Any update on this? We have a community where a lot of people post links via this feature and almost 50% of the titles are truncated badly because of this.

Sure #pr-welcome on a fix here, our customers don’t need an urgent fix here

We will get to it sometime in the next 12 months, but you could probably head to #marketplace and commission a fix faster