Should Discourse fetch the title if Onebox doesn't work for featured links?

I just tried to add a featured link to a topic but it uses the URL as the title - I think it would be nice if the system first looks to Onebox, and if it can’t, uses the page title as the topic title. If that fails then it could simply use the URL as it does now.

I’d like to start using featured links in a dedicated category, however what we don’t really want is URLs as titles so adding this would really help - the system is checking the site anyway so it should be easy enough to grab the title while it’s there?

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Did the team have any thoughts on this after? I think this could be a cool feature and I wonder if the following could make it more useable?

  1. User pastes link in title field
  2. The preview pane indicates it has been added (“Featured link: URL :white_check_mark:”)
  3. Discourse fetches onebox info for title and body (like it does now)
  4. If onebox doesn’t work Discourse fetches title of page for title
  5. If 3 and 4 fail and it’s left with just a URL, Discourse strips it from the title field which will prompt the user to manually add a title - however they’ll see the link has been added as it will show in the preview pane