Can we safely post a featured link via the API?

Is it possible to safely post a featured link when creating a topic via the API? Do we just send the URL as the title? What happens if it can’t fetch the required info?

When doing this manually via the forum the title simply shows the URL, so I imagine doing this via the API would result in the title simply being the URL… but it would be nice if we could send a fallback title that would be used if the system is unable to fetch the required data via the URL when it is specified as a title. Maybe this is already possible?

I have done this, but not by setting the link as the topic’s title. Instead of setting the featured link as the title, pass a featured_link property set to the URL you want to use in the topic’s creating arguments.

It might be possible to set the featured link by passing a URL as the title via the API, but as you noted, this could lead to issues if the required data can’t be returned from the URL.


Thanks Simon - that’s perfect! :smiley:

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