Should DiscourseConnect consumer save user data to local database?

For real example, I’m working on a MediaWiki authentication extension which integrate DiscourseConnect. And it will be the only login method on my MediaWiki instance.

I have two options(as i know):

  1. Implement a SessionProvider which get user data from DiscourseConnect callback, then set it to MediaWiki session directly.

  2. Implement a PrimaryAuthenticationProvider which also get user data from DiscourseConnect callback, but create its own user in MediaWiki system.

I think the option 1 much look like a SSO implemention, option 2 like Login With Google.

The only disadvantage of option 1 i know is that i will hard to get out of it, no way i can image how to migrate out and enable local login if no saving any credential to MediaWiki. Maybe i can save the user credential somewhere.

Which option should i choose?.