Should Font Awesome icons be disallowed in posts?

(Michael Downey) #1

Continuing the discussion from Font Awesome in Bio:

Was it the intent of this early change that the standard way of including Font Awesome icons, e.g., <i class="fa fa-certificate"></i>, will not be allowed in posts?

If so, :sadpanda:. Is it still needed to be blocked?

(James D) #2

Are there any font awesome icons that you’d use that aren’t already in the hundreds of emojis available? :grumpycat:

Failing that, there are clearly some non-standard emoji symbols here. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to add the FA icons you want as additional custom emoji icons? :philosoraptor:

(Michael Downey) #3

Primary rationale is that it would be nice to have consistent icons used across things like badges, UI, etc.

(Kane York) #4

No, you were never able to use font awesome icons in your posts. Someone would have to add that.