Should Font Awesome icons be disallowed in posts?

Continuing the discussion from Font Awesome in Bio:

Was it the intent of this early change that the standard way of including Font Awesome icons, e.g., <i class="fa fa-certificate"></i>, will not be allowed in posts?

If so, :sadpanda:. Is it still needed to be blocked?

Are there any font awesome icons that you’d use that aren’t already in the hundreds of emojis available? :grumpycat:

Failing that, there are clearly some non-standard emoji symbols here. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to add the FA icons you want as additional custom emoji icons? :philosoraptor:

Primary rationale is that it would be nice to have consistent icons used across things like badges, UI, etc.

No, you were never able to use font awesome icons in your posts. Someone would have to add that.

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