Should not wrapping text for notification level selection button on mobile when using CJK language

People using vertical layout for CJK language sometimes, but not in that situation, it looks weird. And the space looks good to not wrapping the word which only a few characters.


Does the issue only happen on mobile devices?

Are there other elements on Discourse where you are seeing this issue?


Yes, it happen on mobile devices only. And just one place i saw this issue for now. And it seems just happen when tracking or watching.

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The issue can be fixed by adding the following CSS to the Mobile CSS tab of a theme or theme component:

.topic-notifications-options .name {
    white-space: nowrap

I am not sure if something to deal with this should be added to the core Discourse CSS. It is possible that it would affect non CJK locales in an undesirable way. Possibly the @Designers team has ideas about other ways to approach this.