Should privacy policy and ToS be automatically generated on install?

Hi Jurica! Welcome to Discourse, and good catch. :eagle:

This is a recent change that we made just in the last week. Many sites do not need these legalese pages, especially small, private ones that are not connected to a company or brand. But if you add your company name on the last step in the setup wizard they will be created for you. You can then go and edit them to suit your needs.

You also always have the option of linking to TOS and Privacy notice on your main website if you have one. Look for the privacy policy url and tos url admin settings.

If these topics are not created, there are no links to them anywhere in the UI. I did notice that the default FAQ/Community Guidelines do still link to the TOS and Privacy notice right at the bottom. If they are not created then these links will obviously not work. This is an issue we’ll have to address.

If you remember, can you share links here to the documentation on meta that you came across and found confusing? We will want to update those as well.