Should Top Referred Topics (Last 30 Days) include PMs?

Not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug - I’m on a very low traffic install, which means I’m getting the interesting corner case where top referred topics may be PMs.

As an admin, there is of course no permission against viewing/snooping PMs (or querying directly against the DB) but I wasn’t expecting to be able to stumble on a private message by clicking through the stats.

I saw a topic I was unfamiliar with as a “Top Referred” topic and clicked it out of curiosity. Only after I started to read did I realize it was a private conversation and decided to butt out. It would be nice to either have these not applicable to show in the stats pages, or somehow marked as a PM so as to prevent curious admins from accidentally snooping.

Probably not an issue at large since PMs wouldn’t even make a blip in the stats, but it was surprising to me.


Wow, top referred is a PM? That’s an incredibly weird edge case…

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fixed per PMs should not show up in dashboard "Top Referred Topics"