Top Referred Topics (Last 30 Days)


Hi there, on my admin page i have 4 a top referred topics but no Top referrers :confused: does this make sense? what and how does a topic classified as a top referred topic…

What does the "Top Referrers" table mean?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Top Referrers is users who have shared links in the form

(that’s the URL you get when you click the timestamp or the link button your post, above, except your username is in it.)

(Kane York) #3

There is a lot of data here, and some cool queries could be done with it. But that’s more for the other, “add more analytics queries”, topic.


but how is it possible to get 4 topics in the Top referred topics without anyone referring any topics?? or the question is: is it possible to get Top referred topics without anyone referring them?

(Kane York) #5

Yes - take this sequence of events

  • someone clicks on share link, copies URL with name
  • they paste link in Skype chat
  • 2 people visit

That person now has 2 anonymous referrals to that topic.

“Top Referrers” will only show websites, which won’t show up for referrals from chat programs.

(system) #6