Shouldn't a category be the mother of all subcategories?

in discourse, a category is completely separate from its subcategories. while one can imagine something more related or interconnected.

two of the most annoying cases:

  1. if you suppress a category from homepage, none of the subcategories are suppressed from the homepage! and you should do this for all subcategories one by one.

  2. in the admin analysis panel, if you want to check for the number of posts in a category with its subcategories, you can’t! because number of posts or topics in a subcategory is not summed of in its corresponding category.

Yes, this is the way it is.

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This does pop up from time to time, especially in the context of security.

I think the first improvement we will make in the next 12 month is at least some sort of guarantee that parent permissions are always less strict or equal to child.

The report problem is interesting, not against improving this with a “include subcategories” for reporting purposes.

Inheriting suppress is not something I am too interested in adding as the workaround is very very easy.