Supressing a subcategory doesn't hide featured topics from homepage

Each category/subcategory has the option of being supressed from the homepage (using the “Suppress this category from the homepage” setting)

However, when using discourse with the “Categories with Featured Topics” as a homepage, the topics in a subcategory remain featured even if the subcategory is supressed.

I believe this is not the intended behaviour.

This was fixed a while back for muted categories + latest. Seems ok for category + featured too on my site.

Are you on latest release?

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I don’t think he is referring to muted categories but rather


Yep. Works fine for me since the fix for those suppressed categories.


I am indeed referring to the “supress this category from the homepage” option in the category settings.

But I’m not referring to the latest page, but a categories page that is configured with “featured topics”

That is, the home page shows categories and then featured topics from each category on the left. Now, at least for me, topics from a hidden subcategory continue being shown in that list of featured topics.

Perhaps I’m missing something?

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Nope, I can recreate it (on latest).


  1. Set homepage to Categories via top menu
  2. Change desktop category page style to be Categories with Featured Topics
  3. Alter a sub-category to surpress it from homepage (for my screenshots I choose Meta)
  4. Visit homepage to see topics still listed.
  5. Wait a few hours, days, or manually rerun the sidekiq job to cache the Category info
  6. Refresh the homepage, see that topics are still listed.


Category that has its surpress from homepage setting, set

Category Settings:


Hi everyone,

I’d like to resurface this topic since my community is still experiencing this issue. My “category page style” setting is configured to “Categories and Latest Topics.” It is also set as the homepage of my community.

We have several subcategories set to be suppressed from the homepage, yet topics in these subcategories still appear on the Latest part of the homepage. (The categories they are in are not suppressed from the homepage, but the subcategories are.)

Any ideas why this may be happening? Thanks.

@nbianca can you reproduce this?


This was fixed in: