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Hi there! Im looking for a function where any user sees ALL of our categories in the sidebar by default.

currently they just see the “default” ones

but we want that when they look at the sidebar they see all our categories.

Kinda like this forum here has it.

I have looked around but wasn’t able to find any answers.

Does adding all of them as defaults do what you need?

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that’s exactly what i want to do.
I’ve looked in

adminpanel > settings

and then searched for category but didn’t find anything useful in that regard.

Ah, I see. I think you’re not finding a match because the setting is named “default navigation menu categories” (and “category” isn’t a match for “categories”).


Ohhh! thanks a lot! found the setting with the search for “categories”

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Because you got answer, here a extra cherry just to think about

  • there is already easy access route to categories
  • for mobiles putting all categories to the sidebar makes it really crowded (unless you have type max 5 categories)
  • mobile users must open the sidebar to see categories and then it hides other content totally
  • categories of the sidebar is something that users can customize. Then hiding all not-so-important ones gives much more pain than letting users decide what categories are important to them
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