Show categories on a separate panel like Discourse Meta?

I really appreciate having the panel on the left-hand side with the categories, inbox, … like you have here on Discourse Meta. How do I enable that on my site? Is it possible with all themes or is it a specific theme/component that offers this UI? Our default theme is Grey Amber.

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Thats the new side bar (navigation menu)! If that setting is set to Sidebar you can modify default sidebar categories for the categories that will be displayed there by default (admins only). Then if you want to change it just for your self you can go to /my/preferences/sidebar


Perfect. I’m about to apply changes with default categories but I’m confused by this pop-up. I want all users to see the categories that I added by default the next time they connect. What does the “No…” would do?


Yes will apply it to all users currently and in the future. No will only apply it to new users


How can I set the sidebar hidden by default for all users?

I’m looking around in the settings and cannot for the life of me find default sidebar categories - can anyone help?

Would love to be able to make other categories visible to new users besides just “General”

The admin settings have been updated to reflect that they apply to both Sidebar and Header Dropdown menu styles, and are now default navigation menu categories and default navigation menu tags. :+1: :slight_smile:

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