Show category title in default category heading

The category title doesn’t show in the default category heading. But both logo and description do:

I think it would make sense to include the title in the default template. So we don’t need to use a component just to have the category title.


Hey Nolo,

I lack a bit of context to understand the issue (I wish I knew 100% of Discourse…).

Can you explain it a bit differently?

Do you mean it should go from



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Yes exactly!

I find it a bit confusing that there is a default category heading that includes both the logo and the description, but not the category name. At the same time there is an official component that includes name and description, but not the logo. As the logo is already included on the default heading it would make sense to me to also show the category name and make the default templates much more useful.

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Slightly related, it’s worth noting that category images need an overhaul as well: