Show "Edit the title and category of this topic" (Pen Icon) also in fixed header

(Jan P.) #1

As a moderator:
To edit the title or category of a topic I first have to click the title to go to the top, then I can click the Pen to go into edit mode.

It would be great if the pen would also be visible in the fixed header you get when you scroll down a topic. Of course it doesn’t have to duplicate the form but can scroll to the top and edit there.

Double clicking topic title could automatically open them to edit
Duplicate the 'Edit Topic' pencil at the very top of the screen
(David Taylor) #2

You can already click the title of the topic to scroll to the top, in my opinion adding a pen icon is probably just extra clutter.

(Jan P.) #3

Of course this won’t save hours of work, but a few miliseconds by eleminating this extra click and extra mouse movement (from where you clicked to the “edit” pen).