Double clicking topic title could automatically open them to edit

Saving edited topic titles is now much easier with the working keyboard shortcut support - yeah!

But editing them still needs you to go to the top of the topic (scroll up or click the topic title) and then navigating with the mouse to the “pencil” icon to click that. (See next post for keyboard shortcut solution)

A simple way to simplify this further would be if the page captured a double click on the title and executed the same function that is called when clicking the pencil to open the topic title to be edited.

Anywhere in the page I can just double click the title, it scrolls to the top and automatically lets me edit the topic title. Ctrl + Enter to save. Done.

(Might not be trivial when in the “show topic title in header bar” mode because after the first click it starts scrolling and then the title is at a different location when scrolling stops)

Disclosure: I already tried to suggest an alternative solution for the problem: Show "Edit the title and category of this topic" (Pen Icon) also in fixed header

The current quickest way is to use keyboard shortcuts by the way:

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I am pretty down on adding double-click as a metaphor for anything, what do you think @sam?

This particular change is totally doable in a theme component, would recommend trying it out for a few weeks in a component to see how it feels.