Show how many total users my forum has

Is there a way to easily share this statistic with others, e.g. a public URL similar to the stats that MyBB has?

I couldn’t find the total number of users on the Dashboard page, aside from manually summing up the Users per Trust Level. The Users tab doesn’t show any statistics.

/about has it on it, we should probably just change New Users to Users on that page cause new all time is just confusing.


I usually use the count on the /users page

/users 22051 users
/about 22.0k

On my localhost set-up I have some discrepancies.
I know I created 54 accounts. (in addition to system and eviltrout that I didn’t create)
Running SELECT MAX(id) FROM users gives 54
But my /users shows 51
my /about shows 45
my dashboard per TL adds up to 45
and my dashboard new users all shows 45

I have 3 suspended and 2 blocked users, 1 account never authenticated and 2 never made a post (but 1 has Liked) and 1 has posted only in PMs.

AFAICT anonymous accounts aren’t in any count.

So it looks like /users counts members that have posted in public topics regardless of member status while elsewhere certain accounts aren’t included in the tally.

Or it could just be localhost install funkiness.


OK, I agree and made that change.


This count also automatically keeps track of deleted users by @system?

As far as I have been able to figure out, the only place there is record of system deleted accounts is in the user_histories table, although a MAX(id) ~ COUNT(id) comparison of the users table should give at least an approximate idea of how many accounts have been deleted. The deleted accounts are not included in either /users or /about

On my localhost “production” install /users has a count of 57 members and /about a count of 50

It appears that the difference is not due to deleted accounts, but due to “anonymous mode” accounts. That is, while I was testing the anonymous mode feature, 7 members tried it and 7 anonymous member accounts were created.

Whether or not they count as real members depends on how you look at it I guess.

Interesting. To do that I image you can also use Data Explorer Plugin and create a query to display how many users has been deleted in a time frame.

Don’t you think it’s better if this specific data is displayed by default on the dashboard?
Especially for new or particular communities, so that administrators can realize how many people “abandon” their site and take some measure (better thread or support or anything else).

It’s not my particular case (my forum is mainly a support forum) but I think most of the site need something similar to figure out if the forum or site is “growing well”.

Site stats have been heavily simplified over the years in /about


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