Show icon of the author of the topic on mobile (instead of last reply)

On mobile, is there a setting to display the icon of the author who has started the topic, instead of the author of the last reply?

On desktop, you can see multiple people participating, so the implementation is fine:

However, on mobile, it appears as if our staff has created all of the topics at a glance because we reply to all of the topics created:

As we have just created our forum, we don’t want to give the impression to new visitors that the entire forum was written by the staff — which unfortunately it does give this impression at the moment.

I’m hoping to see if there is a missing that I’ve missed or if this is something that can be controlled via the custom CSS.



This is possible by overriding our mobile template for the topic list — the customization shared here still works (this can be added to the head section of a theme): On the mobile theme, the list of posts show's the latest replying user's avatar, not the OP's avatar.

Though one follow-up question… the screenshot you shared appears to be the desktop version at a narrow width, Discourse on mobile looks like:

If you want to preview the mobile view and you’re not using a mobile device, you can add ?mobile_view=1 to the end of the current URL.


Thank you — this solution works!

And yeah I just took a screenshot from my desktop because I recall them behaving similarly — but of course the header only works on the true mobile view — sorry about posting that! :sweat_smile:

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