Show likes counter over the heart icon (new setting)

I just did an experiment: overrode translations so that 2x counter etc is shown in front of the likes instead of text messages:

I like the result. Still reads well. Hence this proposition:

May a setting be added to show the number of likes ON TOP of the heart sign, partially on top of it? If this setting is ON, the text is not shown, e.g. “5 likes”. Instead, it is only shown on mouse hover.

A problem I see with having the count number on top of the icon is how to differentiate function.

Currently the # Likes expands to show who Liked, and the icon to give (or un-give) a Like.

As for showing only the number, I’m mixed. It is less, but maybe having it more visible is better for new members?


Unlikely to be a setting but maybe down the line a custom theme can do this. This change would be a violation of Fitts’s law. Try clicking on this hyperlink .

Keep in mind touch devices do not have “mouse over”



Neither does anybody navigating via keyboard, of course.

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