Show posts only to logged in users

Question in the tin. What should I be doing if I had to restrict edit/view posts to only logged-in users?


I should have framed the question better.

Here’s an example:
This is a post on my forum:

I want only people who have logged in to view or respond to this. Is this possible?

Hey Jane. :slight_smile:

Posts or topics?

Everywhere, on only in certain categories?

Sorry for the confusion.

Topics. And in all categories.

Is there a reason you can’t use the ‘login required’ setting?


it depends on exactly what you are looking for here - do you have anything on your forum that you want them to see at all? if not then like @MikeNolan said, you can use the login_required setting to restrict all content to members. but if there are some content you want anonymous users to be able to see, then you have to use other methods, like category security permissions for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve updated the question.

How do I update a topic like to be viewable and editable by only logged in people.


Simple change category Security settings

Ie category

Everyone See/Create/Reply


Delete Everyone setting replace with

Trust_Level_0: See/create/reply

As it is no longer viewable by ‘Everyone’ a minimal Trust Level must be met.which requires a person to create an account.

You can also further customize this to something like

Trust_Level_0: See
Trust_Level_1: See/Create/Reply


I do not think there is currently a way to make a specific topic visible to those logged in while other topics in the same category are visible without logging in, but you can do it at the category or site levels…

One possibility might be to move topics you want behind the login to a different category, one that requires at least TL0 to read.

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Thank you. Which category has these? If not, how do I change the category settings? Also, create a new category?

I’m not sure who you’re asking, Jane.

There is quite a bit about how to be a discourse admin in the documentation category here, for more on categories I’d suggest starting with Create a category in Discourse

In all honesty, I think the best way to learn your way around the admin features is to experiment with them, but then I’m a programmer/analyst/engineer by training so that’s kind of what I’ve been doing for close to 50 years.


There’s also Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings) too :+1:


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