Show title, category and tags in composer preview for new topics

Following up on the excellent work done recently here: Help us test a new composer style.

I think it’d be helpful to add some real-time feedback in the preview of the composer for new topics that show how the effect of choosing a category, tags and title.

Here’s a quick mockup of what that might look like (using the topic linked above as an example):

I think this might help encourage people to pay closer attention to filling in that metadata when composing new topics, and help newer posters learn the connection between what they enter there and what is displayed in topics they have more experience reading.


I see, so the topic title / category / tag would be in the preview on the right?

My only concern is it would push the body down a fair bit and it’d add some new code to the preview codepath.

Not something we can get to in the 1.9 release though.