Show top topics and latest topics?

I would like to have a homepage design that prioritises top topics in my Community and new topics.

The options that I have right now don’t really suite this need:

  • Categories with Featured - along with requiring a lot of manual work it shows an equal number of topics per category and hides the true distribution of conversation
  • Categories with Latest - this prioritises topics that have had the latest conversation in them; doesn’t really serve any of the above purposes
  • Categories with Top - this doesn’t show the latest topics

Is there some way I can achieve my desired goal already?

Sounds like something you could build as a plugin.

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I don’t even agree with this — showing top topics and latest topics would be extremely redundant.


Maybe I didn’t give a very clear explanation but I would disagree with the conclusion that what I asked for is going to produce any redundancy.

So, here’s my 2nd shot at providing a better explanation:

I would like my Community to have a homepage that shows the top conversations (topics) in the Community but gives extra weights to new topics so that they don’t get lost.

So, if there was such a homepage design in which an eligibility_metric determined what stayed on it, this eligibility_metric would be a weighted sum (or product or some other mathematical function idk) of:

  • popularity - determined by the number of views, likes, comments, etc.
  • freshness - determined by how new the topic

I would like such a homepage in my Community because it will keep in mind the interests of both:

  • the members who come to read/engage with other people’s posts and
  • the members who come to share by creating a new topic
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