It shows different topics with Top than with Latest

In a new discourse installation, I don’t know why but pressing “Latest” and pressing “Top” it shows different topics. Is there any way that by default will show all topics in a category; Default to all users…

Hey Gio,

Welcome to Meta! The ‘Latest’ and ‘Top’ views do two different things:

  • Latest - shows topics ordered chronologically - most recent first (this is the default view)
  • Top - shows the most ‘active’ topics in a given timeframe. By default it will filter for the current week, but the user can select other date ranges as well (see below).

Both views can be filtered by category as well. I hope that clears things up?



Hi, thanx for the welcome :slight_smile:
Is there a way to show by default all topics when someone enters a category;
For example I want to enter a category and by default to see all it’s topics.

That is what the ‘Latest’ view does, unless you have something different in mind?

Then something is not going right, see, I have 5 topics (1,2,3,4,5) in “YYY” category, when in Top view I can see topics 1,2,3 - when in Latest view I can see topics 2,4,5.

Do you have a link where we can see this? That might help understand the issue.

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Testing now a bunch of things, it seems only to me(admin) is happening this, disconnected or/and with a dump account(tl1) it seems to be working ok.
One correction to my above posting, in Latest view I can see 2,3,5-not 2,4,5.

Anyway it’s this Καιρός - snowguide forum

Screenshots are coming shortly

Here are 2 screenshots, one in Latest view and one in Top. I have marked with red color the difference.

I’m not sure - I believe these should be the same, yes. This question is above my pay grade :slight_smile: