Show which part of a post has replies

Especially when using Discourse as a wiki or RFC, it would be nice to see which part of the post have comments.

Is there a plugin for that? Or a planned core functionality?


No, this kind of inline annotation system is not planned. We typically quote posts,

… like so.

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I am fine with the quoting system. Quoting is a link between two posts. I just would like to see it (and navigate) from the other side. So it is kinda highlighted, and when you hover over, you will be presented with the list of replies and you can navigate to the reply you select. A bit like Word’s commenting (or Google docs’ comments).

you mean like medium’s “top highlight” feature? (i think it was called something like this anyway)


Yes, something like that (but all replied parts shown).
So when you write an rfc in the top post, you see which parts are uncommented (no questions, no concerns)