Show who's the topic's author, optional, per-category, with custom title

I have a category where goat-farmers create their personal pages (= topics) about their farms. Those topics quickly become 300+ messages and engage comparatively many participants.

For this category only, I’d like to specify a “topic owner title” that would appear next to their nickname.

It is important that the title is customizable and activable individually per category. Fot instance, I eould only use this feature with a few catefories, and make a different topic author title in each of the categories.

Pther examples:

  • question author
  • tutorial author
  • poll author
  • wikipage moderator (so called moderator, actually the owner of a huge wiki-page)
  • review author
  • farm owner
  • car seller
  • organization representative

An optional (and separate) setting might be a checkbox saying “highlight topic author”, which would also highlight author’s avatar in some way.

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I could have sworn we have a CSS class on the post that indicates “this is the topic creator” for subsequent posts in the topic, I checked the HTML via f12 and ah yes there it is:

<div class="topic-post clearfix topic-owner regular">
<article id="post_3" data-post-id="177932" data-user-id="17648" class="boxed onscreen-post" style="">

Target the <div> with the class of topic-owner and you can make those posts stand out.