Showcased Categories

Ah no, sorry this was a mistake on my part. This is actually in reference to a different component that a PR was made for.


Cool which component if I may ask?


Awesome thank you. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Firstly, I wanted to say I really enjoy this component. I think it works well, and displays excellently.

The only thing I would like is if the feed titles were also clickable to go to the category in question. At the moment a user needs to click more. We used some customer mouse behaviour tracking, and found that frequently a user would click the title, then in some instances bypass the more altogether to the more default category title cards

If the category text were clickable and redirectable (optionally) this would solve this user flow.


Such a good idea! Here is a merged PR, so it should now be available if you update the component.

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Thanks for this, they are certainly clickable but there has been a change to the way they get the title colour now.

Before update the titles were black, and now they are white, and as such are invisible on my setup.

Yeah, just did a test on colours - looks like they are now set to taking the colour from secondary rather than primary which is where it had gotten title colour previously.


I believe this is coming from the Mint theme you are using. I’ll make a PR to adjust this.

EDIT: this pr has been merged. Can you let me know if it is fixed after updating your mint theme?


I use my own version of mint that has been minorly modified, but I emulated your changes on my version and that rectified the issue! Thanks for your work implementing and then making adjustments

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Hello !


What happens if we define 2 or more categories ?
Does the entire world collapse ? :laughing:

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I am unsure. :thinking: But if you give it a try I can stand by the window and keep watch? If reality begins to warp and/or crumble, my safeword is ‘banana-pyjamas’. :slight_smile:

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@JammyDodger always there ?
Waouh ! I felt like in the “Lost” TV show where some guy had to type a sequence of number regularly without knowing the consequences of not doing it…
I overcame this challenge !! :confetti_ball:

So… I tried and the Component simply does not show anymore.
No error log seen though…


I used this method of category choice in order to prevent user-error’s in manually typing in the category ID or category slug.

There is a subtle text description showing to choose only ONE category to try and prevent choosing two :smile:

I’ve got some bug (I think) with Mint theme.

If I choose preview this component on my it shows the “post” button


But when I see my MINT theme on main site, these buttons desappear:

Just to make sure, have you checked via inspector that these buttons are not there? Or are they somehow being hidden with CSS?

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Yes, I’ve checked.
No buttons on Mint theme :sob:

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Can you share a link to your site?

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Better than that, I send you a Tester user to PM/Chat :slight_smile:

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