Showing a Warning to Non-Registered Users

I am managing a forum about homebrewing and want to show all non-registered users a warning about the content and the general aim of the forum with a popup (i.e. there’s an age restriction and minors should not enter, and the aim of the forum is not to increase alcohol consumptionion but to promote beer culture in my country).

Any guidance to accomplish this?

Thank you.


There are theme-component s to add banners, like


Thank you. I’ll check these.


Ehm, sorry to bother but I wasn’t able to use these two according to what I need.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

What I need is,

  • A pop-up which blocks the content, mentioning the aim of the site (not promoting alcohol use but promoting beer culture).
  • Ask the user whether s/he is over 18 and notify the newcomer that s/he’d be breaking the law by entering if s/he’s a minor and the full responsibility will be on their side. (I am fully aware that this does not have any meaning but I still want to emphasize.)
  • If the user closes the popup, s/he won’t be able to read any content, if s/he approves the age limitation s/he’ll be sent to homepage.
  • This popup should be shown to everyone after the installation, but the logged in users should not see it afterwords.

Do you think this is even achievable?

Thank you.

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I modified Versatile Banner according to some of my needs but an anonymous user will still be able to browse the site and I want to limit this ability by clicking a button telling that the visitor confirms that s/he is 18+

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