Preventing non-registered users from viewing posts

I’ve read the documentation, support articles, and even asked ChatGPT, no luck.

I want the website to be fully accessible to the public (mainly for SEO sake), so the titles of posts should be public. However, I want to restrict the content to only registered users. I know other forums have the granular ability to do this, but I’m trying to mess with the setting in Discourse and I can’t seem to figure it out.

By clicking the ‘only allow registered users’ no one can access the website without registering, which limits SEO and users just don’t know what the site has, so that feature isn’t what I’m trying to do. I just want to limit non-logged in users to see titles, and maybe number of responses, but also limit the content of the posts/comments.

Any help?

Hello @SeeSea welcome to Meta! :tada:

Does this theme component help at all?

Guidance if needed:


Kind of. That plugin theme still lets you see the main post though (1), and users browsing the topic view can see the content preview. I was looking for something that can just completely hide/replace the content with a message telling them to register, no preview of the post. Same for the topic view. Is it possible to modify that plugin’s code to do something like that or is Discourse just not designed for that use?


There is Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown). But it is currently broken.

And there is also Guest Gate Theme Component. Where you can choose how many posts users can view before the sign up gate appears.

Category Previews is something similar for categories.

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I was about to reply but the link I was going to post Moin has just posted. I would recommend using Guest Gate as you can set it as non-dismissible for anon users. In conjunction with the other TC I linked above so you’re definitely covered when it comes to ‘forcing’ users to sign up.

I want to raise one concern: there is no SEO point. You want to let googlebot in and after that real users are hitting against registration/paywall. You can take time how soon Google will kill your SEO-value totally.

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I thought about this, and you’re right. I’m just going to make login required for everyone. Thanks

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