Showing two banners: one to anonymous users, and one for logged-in members

I’ve seen some great examples of banner posts aimed at new visitors, explaining how to create an account and what the forum is for. For example, I really like the Algolia version as it directs people straight to the relevant categories for different activity types.

Setting up that type of banner seems easy enough, following the instructions in this thread.

However, we already use banner posts extensively for our logged-in members. They’re the main way we get people aware of content that sits outside of their primary category - as we have a very segmented community, with a lot of different subgroups.

Out of the box, I know that we can only set one banner post at a time.

Is there an equivalent method that I could use to display one message to anon users (“Welcome to the forums! You can use this site to do X/Y/Z”), and a different message to logged in users? (Major announcement, contest winners announced, etc).

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This would require a theme component @Johani can help advising you if you are interested in going down this path?


Thanks Sam! I’m currently scoping out potential forum projects for the next financial year, so it may take a while before we’re ready to start on anything new.

I was impressed by how well those banners can streamline things for new visitors though - anything that helps make things easier for new users (who often land on a random forum topic via Google searches) is going to help to engage new members.


You might consider using this theme component – it has the ability to limit its display to just anonymous users, and you could then continue using the banner post feature for your logged in users.


That sounds ideal - thanks Chris!

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