Welcome message at the top

How to we customize / where, the Welcome message at the top that people can CLick so it goes away.

I would like, when people come to the discourse forum for for the 1st time and are not logged or registered, to have some message displayed at the top

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Perhaps a banner topic may help? Users can remove those. It is visible to users not logged in or registered too


But would they have to go into a Category and open it ?

I would have preferred something at the top like this forum

You too can create a global banner in this way:

or using the Versatile Banner which is extremely customizable!


Is it possible I do not see, have the admin wrench on the top right ?
I do have the hamburger menu with the admin though…

If it doesn’t appear on the top right your topic contains only a post (or a few short posts). That’s why you can find another wrench icon even at the end of the topic :wink:


TKs " a lot " for your help and patience

Are you saying as an admin, I create a " TOPIC" withiin one of the actual CATEGORY and make it a banner post ?

And anonymous people logging to the site would see that message ??

I am now lost

Yes, even if it is not mandatory to use the categories, you can use the Uncategorized “category” (if you have not disabled it from site settings) - which is not a real category - as is done for the Welcome topic that you find in every Discourse installation.

Anons and normal users can see (and dismiss) the banner. If you want to display it ONLY to anon you need to add a few lines of CSS to your main theme(s)

#banner {
    display: none;

.anon #banner {
    display: block;

Tks !!! It worked
Have a good day

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