Sidebar default categories applied historically, but no change

Hi there, I’m trying to set the default sidebar categories for all users:

However, despite selecting Yes both of my normal user test accounts have a different set of sidebar categories. On at least one of them I’m sure I never manually changed the preferences for the user.

For anonymous visitors and for my admin account is does show the correct sidebar categories.

This was mentioned the other day too - Sidebar question about Admins configuring defaults for visitors and new members

I gave it a run-through and it seemed to work okay on my test site, and I’ve not been able to repro it so far to track it down further.

As the background jobs can take a while to run for everyone, it’s set up to change admin and anon first I think. If you have a lot of users it may take a while for the changes to work their way through everyone. (:crossed_fingers:)

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Thanks @JammyDodger for looking into it!
Since this is an import test I wonder if the Sidekiq jobs got stopped abnormally at some point. I don’t have any jobs queued anymore.