Sidebar question about Admins configuring defaults for visitors and new members

I’m trying to solve this problem with the sidebar. I need my members to see the default categories we set up for them in the sidebar. How do I do this?

"Admins can configure defaults for visitors and new members, and everyone can still see all the latest discussions on the main page. "

Have you set up the defaults in default sidebar categories and applied the setting historically when the pop-up popped up?

This should change the default categories in the sidebar for everyone who didn’t already change them manually.

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Hey @JammyDodger thanks for replying. I asked @itsbhanusharma to initially set this up for me. I cannot for the life of me find where to set the default sidebar categories for the entire forum. Is there an admin setting somewhere that allows making these default sidebar setting changes for the whole site or is this an initial setup thing that should have happened during install?

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It is indeed an admin setting, and you can update it as and when you need to. :partying_face:

If you type default sidebar categories into your admin setting search box it should bring it up. :+1:

There’s also one for tags as well.

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Okay, not sure if this is a bug or not but I made the appropriate changes, created a new member account and then logged in using an incognito and everything is the default. Nothing I added in admin shows up in the sidebar when they log in.

What I set up:

What a new user sees:

I think it can take a while for the background job to kick in to change the defaults for everyone depending on the size of your site, but it should come good. I’ll have a run-through on my test site just to make sure everything is working as expected. :+1:

Thanks for looking into this. Initial impressions are everything. Right now, I’m not able to give the customer the experience they are paying for which leads to confusion and frustration. I logged out and logged back in an hour after creating a new account and it’s still not the default categories I set up.

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I’ve given it a run-through on my test site and it worked for my new user, so it does seem to be working as expected. My test site is quite small though, but I would have thought yours should have updated by now too.

I see from the screenshot that a lot of the added defaults are locked/permission-controlled categories. Just to check, does your new user have permission to view those categories?

Yes, this is a paid community, so every user has access to these categories.

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Did u figure out? I have experience the same issue